Leading Dragon-Slayers

My job is not to yell  at people. And make them feel…. I’ll do that,  if  I need to. But that’s not my job. My job is to be the biggest cheerleader of the group.

It’s funny. I think people are more than willing to walk out on a limb, even if they think that limb  might break, if they know that you’re gonna be there to catch ’em. And I think that’s the biggest thing… that’s the freedom. As a leader,  that’s what I try to do. I try to give them the freedom. There’s a lot of smart people. Lot of smart people, held back by their own fears and inhibitions.

And if you allow them to go out on the edge,  hang out a little bit, knowing, that no matter what happens, you will catch them…they will go out on thinnest branches, even though they think that thing’s gonna crack; they’ll go, because they know you’re gonna be there for ’em.

And when they start doing that, when more and more people start doing that…the power that you unleash is unbelievable.

Because when everyone stays reserved and “Well, I’m not gonna do that, because I might, I might fail”, or  “I might get hurt” or whatever, then that the whole team doesn’t progress as far forward as they could. Because when they’re out there slaying dragons, because they know that if the dragon  gets a little unruly, that you’re gonna come in and finish him off, they’ll slay dragons for you all day long for you, man. Right?

– Dave Pericak, Chief Program Engineer, 2015 Mustang.  A Faster Horse (a Mustang documentary)


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